The Glenrothes

The Glenrothes 1998
  • Nose : Very spicy and creamy with oodles of sweet vanilla, gingernut biscuits, golden syrup, hints of citrus and malt.
  • Palate : A creamy, malt-driven palate with sweet winter spices, particularly cinnamon. Rhubarb crumble with hot custard and hints of black pepper.
  • Finish : Good length with more vanilla and a suggestion of nutmeg on the tail.
  • Country : Scotland
  • Alcohol Content : 43%

The Glenrothes 2001
  • Nose : Cereal notes, warm and malty, with suggestions of orange, cherry and caramel underneath.
  • Palate : Orange comes to the foreground first, vanilla following shortly after. A tiny, spicy hint of apples dusted with cinnamon towards the end.
  • Finish : Fairly long and dry, the spice lingering.
  • Overall : As ever with Glenrothes’ vintages, this is some top notch whisky.
  • Country : Scotland
  • Alcohol Content : 43%