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The Famous Grouse

Famous Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky

A very malty, biscuity blend. It’s easy to see why this is so popular in Scotland!

  • Nose : A crisp, light nose offering up notes of toffee apples, hints of dried flowers and biscuity barley.
  • Palate : Balanced, biscuit-laden palate with a core of thick, creamy malt. Just a hint of spice and the vaguest whisper of smoke really bring a great deal of complexity.
  • Finish : A slightly sweet, malty finish.
  • Country : Scotland
  • Alcohol Content : 40%

Naked Grouse

A deluxe version from Famous Grouse, the malt component of Naked Grouse is based around Macallan & Highland Park matured in sherry casks.

  • Nose : Smooth and oily with notes of cherry compote, buttered granary toast, malt, custard and peach.
  • Palate : Sherried and thick with notes of sultanas, sticky toffee pudding, raspberry jam, Victoria sponge, custard and crème caramel.
  • Finish : Medium, with notes of cocoa, oak and just a soupcon of smoke on the very tail.
  • Country : Scotland
  • Alcohol Content : 40%

The Tiger’s Eye Master Blender’s Edition

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

  • Nose : Very complex. First leathery with light decay note that resembling a malt from the coastal distillery, lightly peat, follow by caramel deep in the mix. Interesting and soothing.
  • Palate : Rubbery. Burnt pastry. Touch of peat lingers.
  • Finish : Medium. Smooth and spicy. Not bad, but slightly unwelcome spirit note at the background.
  • Country : Scotland
  • Alcohol Content : 40%