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The Dubliner

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey is a blend of single malt and grain whiskies, aged in the finest Bourbon oak casks which are individually selected for blending, giving a warm and smooth whiskey, with a lasting finish.

The Dubliner is a perfect introduction to Irish Whiskey for those looking for an approachable, smooth whiskey that works equally as well on the rocks, in an
Irish coffee or in cocktails.

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey is distilled and matured in Ireland and is owned by First Ireland Spirits.

  • Appearance : Warm, golden colour.
  • Nose : Fresh, grassy and apple notes with a clean malt aroma.
  • Taste : Smooth mellow, honey sweetness, with underlying pepper spice.
  • Finish : Silky smooth with a touch of caramel.
  • Country : Ireland
  • Alcohol Content : 40%