BIN 40 Merlot

A soft, elegant and approachable medium-bodied wine with complete, rounded characters.

  • Tasting Notes  : A soft and elegant, medium-bodied Merlot with delicious red berry aromas, dark red berry fruit, textural oak and silky tannins.
  • Country : Australia

BIN 45 Cabernet Sauvignon

A medium to full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Tasting Notes  : Classic dark berry and cassis characters with hints of chocolate and mint.
  • Country : Australia

BIN 50 Shiraz

A medium to full-bodied Shiraz with bright fruit and spice characters.

  • Tasting Notes : Berry, plum and spice characters and a soft, generous finish.
  • Country : Australia

BIN 65 Chardonnay

A contemporary Chardonnay that is loved around the world.

  • Tasting Notes : Lindeman’s most well-known wine – a contemporary style of Chardonnay with generous flavours and refreshing finish.
  • Country : Australia

BIN 75 Riesling

A fresh and zesty dry style of Riesling.

  • Tasting Notes : Lemon, lime and a juicy, clean finish.
  • Country : Australia

BIN 95 Sauvignon Blanc

Simply delicious! Full of bright fruit flavours and a refreshing finish – a wine to suit all tastes and occasions.

  • Tasting Notes : Flavours of passionfruit, grapefruit, gooseberry and guava.
  • Country : Australia

BIN 99 Pinot Noir

A delicate style of wine with bright fruit flavours, hints of spice and savoury complexity.

  • Tasting Notes :  Bright cherry and berry fruit flavours with hints of spice.
  • Country : Australia