Herradura Tequila

Herradura Plata Tequila

Herradura Plata (silver) is a very clean, crisp tequila aged for 45 days to add a hint of colour and oak to its unique citrus character. The result brings more agave flavour and unparalleled taste to a margarita.

  • Colour : Light straw, from the oak barrel it’s aged in for 45 days.
  • Aroma : Robust, full of fruit and cooked agave, pulling in vanilla and slightly woody notes from the barrel.
  • Taste : Distinctly sweet agave, mellowed slightly by the woody notes of the oak barrel.
  • Finish : Leaves your mouth feeling smooth and clean, finishing with invigorating warmth.
  • Country : Mexico
  • Alcohol Content : 40%

Herradura Reposado Tequila

Aged in American oak barrels for 11 months, giving the tequila a beautiful balance of cooked agave, sweet oaky vanilla & cinnamon.

  • Colour : Rich amber with shades of copper, from resting 11 months in American white oak barrels.
  • Aroma : Warm notes of anise, fruit, and spices come through the central aroma of cooked agave.
  • Taste : Surprisingly smooth. Vanilla and butter are peppered in the sweet, cooked agave.
  • Finish : Finishes smooth and sweet with a hint of spice to keep things interesting.
  • Country : Mexico
  • Alcohol Content : 40%

Herradura Añejo Tequila

The tequila is aged for 2 years in American oak barrels giving the spirit its trademark deep amber colour & flavours of vanilla, oak and dried fruits. Excellent over the rocks.

  • Colour : Dark amber that hints at its warmth and oaked aging.
  • Aroma : Cooked agave blended with spice and floral notes.
  • Taste : Deliberately smooth with cooked agave and notes of toasted oak and dried fruit.
  • Finish : Creamy, melts across your tongue.
  • Country : Mexico
  • Alcohol Content : 40%