Cockburn’s Fine Tawny Port

Cockburn’s Fine Tawny Port is sourced from fruit grown in the lower Douro region that produces a lighter, more fragrant style of fortified wine. Losing a touch of its colour during maturation in oak, the tawny takes on flavours of butterscotch and a nice nuttiness.

Perfect as an after-dinner dessert wine, or chilled down and served with an array of fine nuts such as almonds and walnuts.

  • Country : Portugal
  • Alcohol Content : 19.0%

Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port

This Special Reserve Port is a mature off-dry style with a ‘vintage character’ of dried plums, walnuts and tobacco aromas and a palate that is soft and mellow with a nice, long length.

This Special Reserve still has the lusciously ripe, vibrant fruit of youth and lovely tannins, which give it the slightly peppery spice on the tongue. But it also has the elegance of age: the softness and smoothness that can only be achieved by slow ageing in old oak barrels. That’s what puts the Special in Special Reserve.

In the last few years, some of the most prestigious international wine competitions have given our Special Reserve resounding praise, with 6 Silver medals in the last three years in all. Special Reserve is officially the world’s number one choice of Reserve Port.

  • Country : Portugal
  • Alcohol Content : 20%

Cockburn’s Fine Ruby Port

Fine ruby port is the youngest style of Port, and is deep red in color with a rich, fruity, sweet taste. It is matured for three years in a cask and is ready for drinking as soon as it is bottled.

  • Tasting Notes : Lively light ruby colour. On the nose fresh and appealing youthful red fruit aromas such as red cherry and raspberry. On the palate, well balanced, with soft fruity flavours leading to a long elegant finish.
  • Country : Portugal
  • Alcohol Content : 19%