Brugal Rum

Brugal Especial Extra Dry White Rum

It is the only rum that we filter three times. Of course, it goes through our time-honored distillation process, and it is cask aged in white American oak casks for 2-5 years.

It has the all the smoothness of great vodka, but all the character of great rum.

  • Color : Clean, clear and totally transparent.
  • Nose : Pleasant, with subtle hints of vanilla, citrus fruits and coconut.
  • Palate : A smooth and refined taste that excites with rich flavors of coffee, cocoa, butter and vanilla.
  • Aftertaste : Clean, smooth and beautifully enduring.
  • Country : Dominican Republic
  • Alcohol Content : 40%

Brugal 1888

1888 is an exquisite spirit that pushes the boundaries of wood mastery and leads the way in double aging.

This special edition from Dominican producer Brugal has been double-distilled and matured in American oak before a second maturation period in sherry casks to add a dose of dried fruit and leathery sweetness to the flavours.

  • Color : The light brings out its dark amber hues and bright, clean color.
  • Nose : Fascinatingly complex, with spiced nuances, hints of chocolate, roasted coffee, cinnamon and other dried fruits.
  • Palate : Pleasant, smooth and full-bodied. You will enjoy subtle sensations of toffee caramel, wood and licorice.
  • Aftertaste : A slightly sweet and long lasting finish to savor until your next sip.
  • Country : Dominican Republic
  • Alcohol Content : 40%