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BenRiach 12 Year Old – Sherry Wood

This RICH, aromatic Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been created by marrying together whiskies matured in OLOROSO and PEDRO XIMENEZ sherry butts sourced from Jerez, Southern Spain.

  • Nose :  Mocha, dark chocolate, sultanas and rich spices.
  • Color :  Deep gold – bronze.
  • Taste :  The combination of Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks gives a wonderful balance of mocha and dark chocolate interwoven with figs, sultanas, vanilla, fruits and rich spices.
  • Country : Scotland
  • Alcohol Content : 46%

The BenRiach Limited 1990 Release Singapore Cask

This is a very enjoyable single cask at full strength. After an initial vinegary start, and given enough time to breath in the glass, you’re in for a very good malt.

  • Nose : Sherry no doubt. Quite heavy with some apple vinegar in addition to dried fruit. Plums, prunes and spices. A sweet N’ Sour mix kind of nose, not unappealing, but it should be given some time to rest in the glass before diving in. After 10 minutes, most of the apple vinegar is gone.
  • Palate : Bitter sweet. Mouth coating with a lot of dark chocolate covered almonds and black tea. quite some alcohol bite too.A bit of water might make this one a bit nicer and approachable.
  • Finish : Alcohol filled Pralines. With prune sauce.
  • Country : Scotland
  • Alcohol Content : 55%

BenRiach 16 Year Old

This smooth single malt has an elegant full taste and aroma that captures FRUITY, FLORAL notes, with fascinating overtones of HONEY, VANILLA, SPICES, TOFFEE and APPLES.

  • Nose :  Honey, vanilla, floral, fruity with well balanced wood overtones.
  • Color :  Mid-amber, hints of gold.
  • Taste :  Rounded medium to full bodied, rich honey, vanilla with hints of cream, spices, toffee and apples.
  • Country : Scotland
  • Alcohol Content : 43%

BenRiach Heart of Speyside

The BenRiach Heart of Speyside is the perfect introduction to the Classic Speyside range. This single malt reveals intriguing notes of FRUIT, HONEY, HEATHER, SPICE and OAK.

  • Nose :  Fresh heather, fruit, honey, nuts and oak wood.
  • Color :  Amber, gold.
  • Taste :  This expression cleverly captures fruit, honey, heather and spice notes against a backdrop of mellow oak wood, in a fresh and lively combination.
  • Country : Scotland
  • Alcohol Content : 40%