Baker’s 7 year Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Baker’s Bourbon is distilled at a lower proof and barreled & aged in small batches, allowing the bourbon to pull more toasted nut, fruit & vanilla flavor from the barrel wood. Today, Baker’s is still made using this very technique & is aged only in our most select rackhouses for a robust bourbon flavor with a silky, smooth finish.

  • Colour : Smooth caramel-amber.
  • Nose : Charred oak, cinnamon, caramel.
  • Palate : Cinnamon, the sweetness is distinctly more vanilla than caramel, silky mouth feel, hint of oak getting stronger towards the finish.
  • Finish : Enjoyable burn, warm oak notes on the tail end that linger after the burn. Truth be told, I would prefer a little longer of a burn.
  • Country : Kentucky, United States
  • Alcohol Content : 53.5%